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Space Clearing

Feel at Peace in your Home

under 2,400 sqft  - $333  

2,400 - 3,800 sqft - $444

3,800+ - by consultation

AfterPay is available

Clearing the energies in your home or business is an important aspect of creating a harmonious environment. In history, we know smoke-purification ritual or smudge (the burning of herbs and incense) is one of the oldest and purest methods of cleansing a person, group of people, or space and of getting rid of unwanted spirits or heavy energy. The practice dates back to prehistoric times and it's been documented as having been used in every corner of the world by our ancestors. I continue this practice today by offering Space Clearing for my clients. 


When should you spiritually clear & bless your space?

  • When you first move into a new home 


  • When opening a new place of business


  • When you wish to open doors to new opportunities


  • During transitional periods in your life


  • After a long illness, or through the duration of a chronic one


  • Trouble sleeping 

  • Children with Night Terrors

  • After a death, or after a divorce


  • To help sell or rent real estate


  • If you've been having a lot of hard luck


  • If you are feeling "unsettled" or "uncomfortable" in the space


  • When experiencing unexplained disturbances or supernatural activities



A scientific paper published in 2006 titled, Medicinal Smokes where researchers observed that a one-hour treatment of medicinal smoke in a closed room reduced airborne bacterial counts by over ninety-four percent.  It releases negative ions, which is linked to putting people into a positive mood providing clarity, and increasing spiritual awareness. For thousands of years indigenous cultures around the world from Native Americans to India, have included the burning of medicinal herbs and incense in ceremonies and to purify the environment. The medicinal smoke, together with the vibrations that the mantras produce, creates positive effects in the surrounding atmosphere.


What is a Space Clearing?

A Space Clearing, as known as a Spiritual or Energetic House Clearing & Blessing, is the act of using a combination of smudging, sound, and channeled energies to remove and clear any heavy energy within a living or workspace. It raises the vibrational frequency of the space and creating a more peaceful environment throughout the home or business. 


Your home is the central hub of your spiritual and domestic life and should be a sanctuary from the stresses and noise from the outside world. A sanctuary that can support the energy for you and your family.


Of course, any space can be cleared and blessed which makes this just as important for businesses to utilize. An office or storefront that feels light and clear will attract more clients and encourage repeat business. It will also help keep employee stress to a minimum, and increase your customer's shopping enjoyment and overall impression of your establishment.


This spiritual and energetic process will clean the slate of heavy energies residing at the time and reset your space. Establishing a sense of calm, comfort, and joy in your environment. To clear the heavy energies within a home or building, it's always best to start with a physical clean-up. Tidying up clutter, and giving the place a good dusting and mopping will go a long way to priming a residence for a spiritual-energetic blessing and clearing.

What Can You Expect?

An initial consultation* is had to better understand any concerns that may want to be addressed during a Space Clearing. Depending on the needs of the client and the space, a combination of smudging, sound, and channeled energies are utilized for a Space Clearing & Blessing. Smudging is done by use of traditional herbs and resins (white sage, copal, frankincense, etc.) that are burned to aid in cleansing, healing, and protecting the space and those who reside in it. Sound Therapy in the form of rattles, drums, or chants may be used to break up heavy energy, while affirmations of decrees, casting, and blessings are said to facilitate the clearing. Energetic boundaries are set and sealed for each room and crawl space using Re Hu Tek™ energies. Sacred geometry and sigils are energetically placed on all entry points of the home or business such as doorways, windows,  as well as reflective surfaces (mirrors, TVs, computer monitors, etc.) to seal the space and filter out any unwanted energies. In addition to Fengi Shui suggestions may be given to help to maintain the energy of the space, and hold a clear and comfortable environment moving forward.


under 2,400 sqft  - $333  

2,400 - 3,800 sqft - $444

3,800+ - by consultation 

AfterPay is available

*This service is available for clients within 35 miles of Corona Hills, California. Additional mileage is subject to additional cost and will be quoted during the initial consultation via Zoom. A Space Clearing is usually done within 2-3hrs for living or workspaces under 2,400 sqft and of course, can take longer depending on the size of space and circumstances.

Iris has been performing space clearing regularly for our wellness center for almost a year now. She started as the office was going through major staffing and procedure changes. Her work helped to make the transitions smooth and noticeably boosted employee morale and productivity.  We experienced increased sales despite fewer hours being worked due to the transitions. 

Another notable time she cleared our space we made a 1k sale (that will have 5 more reoccurring payments of 1k) within an hour AND outstanding payments (totaling more than 6k) found their way to us for several weeks thereafter. 

Most recently she cleared our space in the morning. Three hours later when we opened we had voice mails waiting for us. We had 2 patients return to care after long absences and FOUR new patients call to schedule. That is 6 patients in 3 hours! There are no coincidences! We are yet to find out the financial abundance that has been set in motion. 

Each time she has cleared our space the outcomes are better and better. In our several years of doing business, we have never experienced such ease and abundance. After clearings, we experience minimal last-minute cancellations and no-shows for several weeks. We are not drained of energy each day and look forward to going to work and being in our space. Our staff are happy, our best team yet, and our patients are thrilled with magical and amazing treatment outcomes. 

Looking at our finance sheets I can always tell when Iris has cleared the space. The numbers say it all. 

—Dr. Randi

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