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45-min Complimentary Session

when you're curious about the 

Total Transformation 90-day Program

Guidance & Empowerment

1-hour Session $111

30-min Session $65

Get the Most out of Life

1-hour Session $125

Feel at Peace in your Space

under 2,400 sqft  - $333  

2,400 - 3,800 sqft - $444

3,800+ by consultation 


Stephanie A.

"If you all don’t know this amazing woman right here you need to. I had a healing session with her and it was truly like no other healing session I’ve ever had. Lately, as I work through the dark night of the soul. I’ve been peeling back the layers and working a lot with healing, not only mine but also the trauma from the women in my ancestral lineages, where there was much hurt and anger. I’m my session we went so deep and she helped me heal generations of women before me. The respect, love, and gratitude I hold for Iris are unconditional. She gave helpful tips that I can do as I continue down my red road path and keep healing myself and my ancestry lineage. We never stop learning to peel our onion layers. Book your session with her. Much love, Mother Medicine."