Get to Know Me

Over 15 years of experience working in the metaphysical world and coaching others on their journey. Iris has studied many ancient practices over the years such as Shamanism, Sacred Geometry, Witchcraft, Astrology, Egyptianology, and Hinduism (to name a few). Cultivating my Intuitive and empath gifts in Channeling and Psychometry, she communicates with the universal energies and frequencies of the Divine to serve you for your highest good. Certified in:

• Health & Life Coaching

• Psychometry

• Intuitive Readings

• Re Hu Tek™ - Energy Healing

• Crystal Therapy

• Space Clearing

• Channeling

Allow Iris to be your guide as you journey to discovering the Mother Medicine that aligns with your highest good. She is a Shaman that walks between worlds to bring you the healing energies you've been searching for as she takes a practical and holistic approach to Health & Wellness. Iris is an Energy Healer and Health & Life Coach with a passion for empowering others to make needed changes in their lives (body, mind, & spirit), and step into the greatest version of themselves.